Automatic Water Valves

Your home has many different appliances that connect to the water supply. Diswashers, washering machines, ice machines, toilets, and drinking fountains around sinks and installed on refrigerators all pose a leak threat to your home. Automatic water valves can protect your home from water damage, even when you are not home to detect the problem.

Automatic water shutoff valves use a water sensor that is placed on the floor to detect water seapage or leakage. This sensor is connected to to the water valve that controls the water fow. If a leak is detected, the water valve turns off the water valve and stops the flow of water to the appliance or device. The signal is actually an electrical signal from the sensing pad to the control unit that activates a magnetic shutoff valve.

Consider this device a water leak watchdog that is totally automated. The best part is that no plumber is needed in this installation. If you can unscrew a water hose and reattach one, stick a pad to the floor, and tighten a hose with pliers, this installation is a breeze.

Before installing the automatic water shutoff valve, simply turn off the home’s water supply, drain the unit’s water pressure by turning on faucets in the home unit no water comes out, then install the valve or valves. It is just that simple! Afterwards, turn on the water supply and test the valves for leaks. You’ll feel good knowing you just installed peace of mind.