Bathroom Vent Fans

A bathroom vent fan is an important part of every bathroom in the house. You may think that its only purpose is to exhaust smelly air from the room, but in fact, its more effect use is to remove warm, moist air from the interior of the bathroom to the outdoors. You see, warm, moist air not only encourages mold growth, but also can cause damage to a bathroom. If yours doesn’t have a bath fan and it smells musty, it’s likely you need to install a bath fan. In fact, local building codes often require that you install a bath fan that is sized to the specific area of your bathroom.

Bathroom vent fans vary in styles and colors. They sometimes come complete with a light and sometimes even a heater option. They are usually controlled by either a single-pole switch or a wall-mounted timer. Placement of your bathroom vent fan varies on your preferred position. You may want the fan either over the toilet or possibly in the center of the room.

Be sure that the vent flapper is installed properly to close when the fan is not in use. This keeps the cold air from the outside from filtering back into the bathroom. In fact, the flexible hose should be insulated with insulation to keep condensation from building up from the difference of temperature between the inside and outside air temperatures.

The air is drawn out of the bathroom from the fan enclosure and extracted via a fan. The fan pushes air out through a plastic flexible hose that is attached to the fan enclosure and the louvered cover plate vent. This vent is cut into the wall and attaches to the outside with four screws and some silicone caulk. The flexible hose is connected to the aluminum piping attached to the plastic vent housing.

Photo: Steven Miric – Getty Images