Tools for Success

There’s no question that having the right tools for the job is safer, more efficient, and will result in higher quality work. A craftsman’s tools are an investment not an expense. You should base all of your tool purchasing decisions on value not price.

Quality Tools

Having the right tools of good quality will pay for itself many times over. The higher the quality of the tool the longer it’s likely to last. That amounts to a larger return on their investment. That’s assuming your taking proper care of them.

Buying tools of low quality based on price will cost you more in the end for replacements. Sometimes a tool can have an immediate positive impact on your bottom line too.


It’s dangerous for tools to be used outside of their designed purpose. Many tools have more than one use, but using them for tasks they aren’t designed for could result in injury. The risk depends on the tool and how its being used.

Power and cutting tools have a higher potential for serious injury when improperly used. Any injury will have negative impacts to you and various areas of a business. Low quality tools are more likely to malfunction or break even under normal use. Spending more for quality tools is always a safe bet.


The biggest expense of any project is the cost of labor. Improvising or substituting takes longer resulting in higher labor costs. Sooner or later that will outweigh the purchase of even the highest quality tools out there.

The “Once Right” approach is the most efficient way to do things.

Professional Results

This is the most obvious reason to have the right tools. If you want to do professional work then your tools have to be professional grade. They also have to be the right tools for your profession.

You wouldn’t use a chainsaw to make cuts in finish woodwork. That’s what you’re doing to some degree when you don’t have the right tools.

Next time you make a tool purchase think of it as an investment into an asset.