Connect a Garbage Disposal

Remove The Electric Cover

To remove the electric cover from a garbage disposal, use a nut driver to remove the electrical connection cover from the bottom of the garbage disposal. Turn the cover screw counterclockwise and remove the cover plate.

Install a Wire Clamp

In the hole provided, adjacent to the electrical connection access hole, there will be a 1/2″ hole for a wire connector(clamp). Screw the connector into the hole and tighten slightly with pliers.

Insert Romex Wire

Strip the outer coating of the 12-2 (NM) with ground Romex wire about six inches back. Insert the wire into the clamp unitl you get an inch past the stripped part of the wire. The clamp will secure to the part of the wire that still has the outer coating on it. Now tighten the two screws on the clamp until secure by turning them clockwise.

Ready The Wires

Strip the black and white wires about 3/4″ and connect the bare copper ground wire to the green ground screw on the garbage disposal. This will give you an adequate amount of bare wire to make the connection. If too much is stripped, there is a possibility of the bare wire shorting out against the metal case.

Connect the Wires

Connect the black wires together, the white wires together, and secure each of them together with a wire nut. This will ensure the connection is tight and the wires will not come loose.

Replace The Cover

After making the electrical connection, replace the electrical connection cover plate. To do this, use a nut driver and turn the screw in a clockwise direction.

Connecting to a Switch

Connect the other side of the Romex wiring to a switch. The switch will be used to turn the disposal on and off. If there isn’t a switch already installed in the wall, you’ll need to install an electrical box and a switch. The switch will be connected to a dedicated circuit just for this appliance. Since each appliance should have its own circuit, you’ll need to run the wire from the dishwasher back to the electrical panel.