Electric Turkey Deep Fryer

For many, many years now, people have slaved over the stove cooking and waited countless hours for their holiday favorite, turkey, to bake in the oven. Then came along the deep fryer, a quick and easy way to cook a turkey in a flash. This method used a large pan filled with cooking oil and heated with a burner powered by propane gas. The thawed turkey would slowly be lowered into the boiling bath of oil and the bird would cook in minutes, compared to hours. However, there are many dangers associated with such a cooking process. You see, it has all the potentials of a rip-roaring fire catastrophe.

The new method and quickly becoming the fryer of choice is the electric deep fryer. It is fairly new, being introduced just about a year ago. They are convenient because you just plug them into a wall outlet instaed of lugging around a propane tank to fire the burner on the propane model.

Since the fryer has a lid covering the hot oil, there’s no splattering after the turkey is installed. The unit has a built-in thermometer to tell the cooking temperature and has an automatic shut off if the hot oil gets too hot.

The nicest feature is that these fryers can be used indoors! But it does have its downfall. Since the electric deep fryer heats up more slowly than a propane unit, Once the turkey is lowered into the oil, of course the oil temperature drops and it takes a while to get the oil temperature heated back to cooking temperature.

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