Electrical Devices That Require No Junction Boxes

Is it possible or legal to install wiring without junction boxes? In these examples the answer is yes, but find out why it is possible before you go wiring your home with no junction boxes. Here are some of the electrical devices that require no junction boxes and why.

As you know from reading my material, electrical devices are to enclosed in junction boxes. This is demnostrated quite nicely when we talk about switches, receptacles, and light fixtures. You see, a junction box is needed to complete the splicing of wires so they are enclosed and not subjected to physical damage.

So you may wonder why there are those devices that require no junction box and why? The answer is quite simple, so let me explain. Some electrical devices, like can lights, bath fans, built-in electric heaters, and built-in stair lights all have their own built-in junction boxes, so no further junction boxes are required. With built-in junction boxes already in the housing, it saves time and material for installation.

Now built-in devices aren’t the only things that don’t need junction boxes when installing them. Things like garbage disposers have a plate that is removable to acces its own junction box. Thene there’s fluorescent lights that have a coverplate that is its junction box. This includes larger fluorescent lights and under-the-cabinet lights as well. Baseboard heaters are also a great example of something that sports its own junction box and is attached directly to a wall. Then there are hood fans over your stove that have their own box as well. Electric water heaters also have a place to connect the wiring to.

Well, as you can see, the list is long and something that you may not have thought of before, but in reality, all connections are to be made in some type of junction box, whether it be built in to the device or fixture or not. If you have a connection in your home where two wires connect with tape or wire nuts and they are not in a junction box, get it fixed immediately! Be safe, be safety conscious, stay alive!

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