Electrical Exam Tips | Use the Table of Contents

Electrical Exam Tips - Table of Contents

We often hear people talking about their use of the NEC® index the entire electrical exam. That is a bad move and a good sign you need training. The index can be a good tool if you don’t know where to start looking for something. It tells you where terms are located and gives you some starting points.

It can also send you on a wild goose chase. Honestly, you either know where to look or your lost and guessing. You should only need to use the index on questions left until the end to answer. You can’t waste valuable time on an electrical exam hunting for information in the beginning. We cover this in detail in our tips for time management. If you don’t know where to find an answer right away, it should be skipped the first time through.

When using the correct strategy for managing your time you’ll be answering the questions that are easy for you first. There’s no need to use the index for those. The next questions you answer after the easy ones are those you think you know, but aren’t sure of the exact section in an article. For these the table of contents is the best tool to find answers quickly. Most questions should fall into this category on the electrical exam if you have any business taking it.

Using the table of contents you can limit your search to a specific part of an article. For example: If a question is about equipment grounding, it could take a lot of time to scan through Article 250 entirely. Visiting the table of contents you will find that equipment grounding is only contained in parts VI and VII. This took 23 pages from your search leaving only 8 pages to look through. If you determine whether it’s the method or the conductor itself, you can cut that in half. Clearly the table of contents is the quickest way to get you to your answer.

If you find that you need the index for most questions on the electrical exam then you need to consider some code training. We offer the best option in training when preparing for an electrical exam. Electrical Exam Prep »

The bulk of the questions seem like easy ones for people who take our exam prep program.