Electrical License Exams and Requirements

The Application Process

Getting a Master Electrician’s License takes a high level of commitment. Just figuring out where to start can seem elusive. You get a different answer from everyone you ask. This can even happen when contacting the licensing authority directly. The standards aren’t standard. That’s probably why such a low rate of electrical workers ever get their Masters License. On top of that almost all jurisdictions have electrical license exams. After jumping all of the hurdles to get your application approved you still have to pass the test.
Electrical License Exams & Requirements

The Electrical License Exams

Electrical license exams have very low pass rates. Further filtering out those who made it through the approval process. The exams can vary as much as the requirements from place to place. The good news is there’s common ground. The key to electrical licensing is passing an electrical exam. The key to all electrical license exams is having a sound knowledge of the National Electrical Code.

What’s Going On

You would think that would be the easy part for an electrician. The reality is that just because you know how to do something doesn’t mean you know why you are doing it. Beyond why you’re doing it there’s what’s required. Many electricians don’t even own code books. They do excellent work and have never failed an inspection. Yet when they take the test they fail horribly.

What You Need For Success

To be a Master you must have knowledge of the NEC requirements on top of your experience. You can’t just “know the book” or have just worked in the field. You must have both. In the field there isn’t much emphasis on learning the code. That is until they realize they need to if they want to advance in their career.

How To Get It

Most had to teach themselves through self study books. Others attended crash courses in hopes they pick up enough to get by. Many of those of programs are gimmicks. They prey on people trying to reach their goals. They offer very little help when help is needed. They all falsely claim superior results. Do some homework. Neither of these methods were very convenient or had a big impact on the overall rate.

Now there is a convenient and proven way that makes learning the code and passing the electrical license exams a breeze. It’s a program that offers complete NEC training conveniently online. It allows you to train when you can for as long as you need. Best of all you’re guaranteed to get your license through the program.

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