Electrical Practice Exams | Instructor Guided

Electrical Practice Exams Answer Sheet

Today we piloted a new service. It clearly added to our exam prep program. The feedback was very positive from the participants. Doing electrical practice exams in class as a group that’s guided by the instructor added more benefits to our program.

Moving forward this will be done once a week. Our Saturday sessions will now be instructor guided electrical practice exams. We will be selecting a number of electrical exams on various levels and going over them in class.

The types of electrical practice exams will include; specialty,  journeyman, and master level exams. As we work through them we will be discussing rationale on quickly locating and applying rules.

The immediate impact this had from just one exam was unquestionably positive. This further separates our program from all others. As others look to get more from their programs. We continue to add value to ours.

For those who haven’t experienced our one of a kind online electrical training classroom. Contact us today for a free trial class. This can be a guided electrical practice exam session too. You’ll be glad you did. Contact »

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