5 Things To Look Out for When Choosing an Electrician Training Program

Electrician Training Programs

Finding a good electrician training program is difficult. Especially one that will truly jump-start your career towards becoming an electrician. Programs with any real value are few and far between. That is if you are looking to become an actual electrician and not just work for one. There is a huge difference between the two.

Many programs lure people in with the image of becoming a highly paid “certified electrician”. At best you will be better prepared than someone without training for an entry-level job. That isn’t worth the price tag on some programs out there. You don’t need anything to be entry-level.

A good program will give you what you won’t get in the field. Paying a school to teach you what you will be paid to learn on the job makes no sense. Don’t put too much value on the “hands-on”. That will benefit an employer more than you. Unless of course an employer is paying for the education.
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Here are some things to look out for when considering a program.

1) They Say You’ll Be Certified

By certification they mean you’ll get a certificate from the school. Not sure what you can do with that. There is no such thing as a “certified electrician”. If they tell you that then you know you’re being misled. There are licensed electricians, but you won’t get licensed right out of school.

2) The “Hands-On” Training Areas Look Like a Movie Set

If it looks like you are on a movie set then you probably are. Many schools focus on the image of the classrooms and labs for admission tours. That’s about all they’re used for too. Talk to the current electrician students to see if they are getting what they expected.

3) The Instructors Aren’t Electricians

Ask for the credentials of the instructors. In many cases the requirements to instruct in a program are only a few years of field experience. If they don’t know what they are doing then how can they teach you? A few years is far from qualified for such a highly technical field. The instructors should be subject matter experts in what they teach.

4) You Have to Get Your Tools From Them

This is a good sign they’re racking up the bill. It’s great if you get a quality tool set at a discount, but you’ll more likely get junk. That junk will probably cost more than a good set too. Do your research on what is costs for what you are getting.

5) The Program is Too Broad

Electricians work in many different environments. No program will adequately prepare you for all of them. This means you won’t be as skilled in the area you end up working in. It also means you paid for a lot of education you may never need. You should know which area you want to train for and the program should be specifically focused towards that.

If you still aren’t sure what is best for you feel free to contact us directly. We’ll do our best to help you get into the best program available in your area. When you are ready to get your license, we can help you then too.