Electronic Christmas Presents

If Christmas shopping for your father is tougher than pulling teeth, this article is for you. I don’t know about you, but shopping for my father is often difficult because if he needs something, he buys it himself. And it never fails, the list he gives you, he also gives to everyone else, which always leads to multiple selections of the same present!

Instead of snow boots or a set of screw drivers this year, give your dad something he’ll really like on Christmas! Modernize your dad with an electronic surprise. There are many new electronic gizmos out there that will make dad more comfortable, make him relax, and improve the quality of life. Some of the top choices for this year are:

A Flat Screen TV

Flat screen TV’s are all the rage these days and come in all sizes. Flat screen TV’s come in LED, Plasma, or LCD models, depending on your preferences. Whether you want a 19″ or a 60″ screen that covers your wall, you can get one that will have dad smiling from ear to ear.

A New Cell Phone

Hopefully your dad has come out of the stone age and owns a cell phone. If not, this is a great time to bring him up to speed with modern technology. On the other hand, your dad may have a phone, but it looks like something from 20 years ago. Although you may have to teach him how to use a new style phone, once he learns texting, he’ll have a ball, or you will watching him try!

MP3 Player

Maybe your dad is a music buff. He enjoys the sweet sounds or Patsy Cline or Roy Orbison. Then on the other hand, he may like Twisted Sister or Metallica. But whatever his preference in music, he can enjoy the music whether he’s fishing on the lake or mowing the grass at home.

GPS Unit

We all know our dads have never gotten lost on a trip or vacation, just ask them. Well, to take the guesswork out of how to get there, and better yet, to stop all of those agonizing stops at gas stations for directions, buy your dad a GPS unit to show him the way. With this handy gadget, you just tell it where you are and where you want to end up and it guides you the rest of the way!

iPoD Video

An iPoD is a great gift for dads who not only like songs, but also would like to be able to watch a video, or look through pictures in the middle of nowhere. Depending on the model and storage capacity, these units become like a boom box and TV all in one!

Radar Detector

For those lead footed dads who aren’t happy unless they are breaking the sound barrier while driving, a welcomed gift might be a radar detector. At least he’ll be forewarned before getting a speeding ticket!

Smoke Detectors

Here’s something that often gets overlooked in a home. Smoke detectors save lives and unless you have a version that is electrically connected and has a battery backup system, the batteries go dead and it seems everyone forgets to put new ones in. The interconnected models have a nice feature. When one smoke alarm goes off, it sounds the alarm on all of the smoke detectors in the house, giving everyone warning of impending danger. Do dad a favor and give him a new set that may just save his life!

Home Theater System

Oh man! dad will be jumping for joy when he connects the home theater package to his new flat screen TV! The sights…the sounds of true TV viewing at its best!