Why many fail electrical exams

There are a lot of electricians out there that perform excellent work in excess of what is required by electrical codes and yet continually fail their license examination. This generally comes from electrical workers learning on the job of what to do and not why they are doing it. The failed exams of individuals working 10-20 years in the field is evidence of this practice. It has nothing to do with whether someone is book smart or not, which we so often hear from our students. It is all about getting the right information and training. This is exactly the reason for the exam because just having experience doesn’t mean that you understand what you are doing. What if you take on work you are unaccustomed to?

Beyond the electrical exam, not understanding requirements leads to decreased profits as well. There is a difference between good design practice and overcompensation. The sale price of the job still has to be competitive so if you overcompensate in your installation  it is just coming out of your pocket. At Advance Electrical Training we provide the right training not only to pass your exam, but be successful in business as well. Beyond our test preparation services, we offer courses on estimating, business and project management, as well as design and consulting services to provide you with the confidence to expand your business into new markets that you may be unfamiliar with. The success rate of our students may seem unbelievable, but it is only because our commitment is unparalleled.