Gas Space Heater Tips

Both gas and electric space heaters are a great source of additional heat in a home when you want to heat just a room or two. Theses heaters are great when the power is on, but when the power suddenly goes out and you don’t have a backup generator, having a gas space heater with a pilot light may be the answer.

You see, some gas space heaters have electronic ignitions or sparkers to light the gas heater. Pilot lights have a continuous flame burning with a thermocouple that requires no power to light the heater. This is especially nice to have when the power fails and you need heat in your home. Although the space heater cannot heat your entire home, you can shut off the room to keep it warm.

The term associated with these heaters is free standing pilot. You simply turn the gas valve to pilot, push the knob down and light the pilot light which is next to the thermocouple. The flame then warm the thermocouple and generates a voltage to allow the gas valve to open. Then simply turn the gas valve to the “ON” position and the burner will light. The same principle applies to gas water heaters in your home.

For you deer hunters out there, be like me and install a propane space heater in your deer hut. I did and what a difference it makes! It makes for a healthier and happier hunt.

So don’t get caught in the cold just because of an ice storm or other natural disaster this year. Be prepared for power outages and get yourself a gas space heater.

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