How To Install Ceiling Fans

Turn Off Power and Attach Fan Support Housing
Ceiling fans make a great addition to any home. Adding a ceiling fan to a room can add both beauty and comfort to a room. Before starting this electrical installation, for safety, turn the power off to the circuit that you will be working on. Check this with a tester to double-check yourself.
In order to mount the ceiling fan support housing, first, remove the two screws from the ceiling box. These are usually 8-32 screws and about 3/4″ long. Line the housing holes up with the screw holes in the box and replace the 8-32 screws. Tighten them securely and for an added safety measure, install lock washers. Test your connection to be sure it doesn’t move around because of a loose box connection.

How to Assemble Ceiling Fan Blades
The ceiling fan blades come in two parts. The blades usually have three holes in one end of the blade for mounting. Note that the two sides of the blades may have different colors or designs for a choice by the consumer. These blades attach to metal blade brackets, which will be connected to the fan. To connect them, use the proper screws provided and be sure to use and gaskets or washers that are required by the instruction manual.

Mounting Ceiling Fan Blades
With the screws provided with your ceiling fan, mount the blade supports to the fan motor housing. These screws will likely have lock washers included for installation. This keeps vibration from loosening the blades and having them falling off. Be sure to tighten snugly.

How to Install a Ceiling Fan Light Kit
The ceiling fan comes equipped with wiring for a light to be added. This light may be connected with a black and white wire or a special plug-in connection. Connect the wires using wire nuts and tuck them into the housing. Align the mounting holes on the light with the mounting holes on the ceiling fan. Now, tighten the mounting screws.

Ready the Ceiling Fan Support Cover
Install the ceiling fan support housing that will cover the mounting bracket and junction box area. This just slides over the mounting pipe for now.

Install the Ceiling Fan Support and Support Pin
Slide the ceiling fan mount over the pipe as shown. This mount has a slots on the sides that will lock in when hung to prevent he fan assembly from twisting around.
Slide the ceiling fan support locking pin through the hole in the pipe as shown here. This pin holds the swivel support of the ceiling fan. Slide the support up and over the support pin in the grooves provided. The pin should be surrounded by the support as shown.

Secure the Ceiling Fan Mount
The ceiling fan support isn’t complete without installing the screw provided to secure the fan support. Use a screwdriver to install the screw into the support. This holds the support so that the support pin doesn’t fall out. In the photo you’ll notice where it attaches.

Install the Ceiling Fan Ground Connection
Attach the ground wire to the ceiling fan as shown here. This bonds the ceiling fan with the ground connection in your junction box.

Hang the Ceiling Fan, Connect Wires, Secure Housing
The ceiling fan housing has two slots on one side. Place these over the two clips on the fan support housing that is attached to the junction box. this will allow the fan to hang securely while you make the electrical connections.
Connect the white wires together (neutrals), the black wires together (the light feed), the green wires together (the ground), and the red wire to the fan connection wire (marked “fan” with a tag). Use wire nuts to make these connections and then tuck these wires neatly in the area around the support bracket. Remember, the housing cover will need to cover these wires and none of the wires can be sticking out from under the cover. Once everything is connected, lift the fan and line the cover holes up with the bracket. Secure the cover with the screws provided and tighten snugly. This step may require an additional person to either hold the fan or insert and tighten the screws.

Install the Bulb and Globe to the Ceiling Fan
Screw the appropriate sized bulb into the socket or sockets provided in the ceiling fan. Check the note posted on the socket for the maximum sized wattage bulb allowed. Please don’t exceed this amount. Loosen the screws on the globe cover. lift the globe into place and carefully tighten the mounting screws provided. Tighten these a little at time in rotation so that each screw will be screwed in the same amount when you are finished. You’ll notice that the globe is indented where the mounting screw will hold the globe.
Turn on the circuit and make sure that the ceiling fan light and fan are operating properly.