Indoor and Outdoor Codes


Electrical codes are in place to protect you, the homeowner. These general guidelines apply to new installations and will give you the basics of what electrical inspectors are looking for. Be sure to check with your local electrical inspector because local codes may vary from the list provided. In the case of existing housing, the codes will apply if you are updating a home, and it requires an electrical update. It is also suggested that you update if the wiring in your home is unsafe and a danger to your family.

The common electrical code requirements are listed in my article, Room-By-Room Electrical Codes that gives a great breakdown of these requirements by the 2008 National Electrical Code.

The National Electrical Code has some very specific rules and regulations about underground wiring methods and points of asttachment. This is a look at the highlights of the outdoor sections of the code. Electrical wiring is often subjected to wet consitions and all of the elements that Mother Nature can throw at them. Electrical safety around swimmingpools, hot tubs, and spas should be of extreme importance to the homeowner. Learn what it takes to have safe outdoor electrical wiring.

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