Maintaining Central Air Cond.

Central air conditioners can cool your home efficiently, that is, if all of the parts are kept in clean and in functional condition. Over time, you’ll need to perform routine maintenance on your air conditioner parts to keep them operating at maximum efficiency. These units are easy enough to maintain throughout the year and the savings are more than worth the time you’ll invest to keep them running in tip-top shape!

Dirty filters rob air flow and cut down on the efficiency of the unit. Another energy waster is a dirty condenser coil. Being outside in the wind where dirt is blown around and into the condenser coil, the coil becomes dirty and without proper airflow through the coil, it won’t cool the refrigerant as quickly, lowering the efficiency.

Dirty or bent fan blades on the condenser fan or the squirrel cage fan inside of the furnace, called the blower fan, can also start vibrating and restrict air flow. Bent blades cause a vibration that can shorten the life of your motor. A buildup of dirt and grime on a fan blade can also cause vibration and also restrict air flow.

By turning off power to the air conditioner and its outside condenser, you can proceed to take the condenser unit apart for a good cleaning. The coils should be sprayed out with water using a hose and a sprayer attachment. As far as the blower fan inside your home’s furnace, that’s a little harder project to perform. Before you begin any project, be sure that power is disconnected. If you attempt this task, be sure to keep track of where the wires attach. If you are unsure of how to clean the squirrel cage fan, don’t be afraid to call a professional. They have years of experience cleaning and checking furnaces and air conditioners.

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