The Value of Understanding the NEC ®

Electrical contractors with a limited knowledge of the NEC ® often do two bad things for no good reason. They overcharge their customers and/or cut their own profit by doing more than necessary for a safe and practical installation . We aren’t talking about the contractors that lie to customers about requirements or customers that just want more. There’s a lot of that out there too. Our focus here is on those that throw their money or others out the window because they don’t understand the NEC ®.

Over sizing conductors for no logical reason or installing more circuits than needed is a complete waste of money.

It Pays to Know the NEC

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For example: If there is plenty of capacity on a 15 amp branch circuit, but the electrician installs 20 amp branch circuits because they aren’t sure where 20 amp circuits are required (or why), then either the contractor or the customer is paying for something that has no benefits at all. Unless the customer requested it they’ll be paying more for no reason.

If the contractor is competing for the job then they have to give the best price. In this case any overcompensation will come out of the contractors profit. Now more than ever customers are getting more than one price. If they are even winning jobs these contractors are losing a lot of money.

This doesn’t mean they are bad electricians or do poor work. It’s not even intentional most of the time. They simply don’t know the NEC ® and more importantly why they are doing things. So to be on the safe side they overcompensate. Humans are like electrons, most flow through the path of least resistance. It has been much easier to over do it than to learn about the trade and the NEC ®.

If they knew what it was costing them more would do something about it. If they want to stay competitive in today’s market then they need to learn that over doing it is no longer the easy path. People don’t have the money to throw around anymore. They are making smarter purchases.

There are many factors that led to the majority of electrical tradesmen only knowing how and not why to do things. The answer to all of them is education. Before we came along and made it simple and convenient to learn the NEC ®there weren’t many options other than teaching yourself. This just further compounded the problems with inconsistency and misinterpretation. Everyone is out there doing the work as they understand the NEC ® instead of learning the real intent of the NEC ®.

We can help you stay competitive and increase your profits by giving you a complete understanding of the NEC ® through our training.

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