Seminar vs Webinar


An online seminar or “webinar” has many advantages over traditional seminars. This is especially true for electrical exam prep classes. Don’t confuse online seminars with self paced programs online. They are worlds apart. Webinars are live seminars online and in our classes interactive.¬†After reading this contact us to try one free.

Things to consider when looking for your next seminar


Much of the price of a seminar comes from the cost of delivering it. With traditional seminars the instructor has to account for the cost of the facility, lodging, travel, and food to name a few. There are none of those added costs when giving a webinar. Our program is now offered at a third of the price we used to charge before going online. With webinars you only pay for the value of the content being delivered. That is a major benefit to webinars.


We have all sat in class and conference rooms. It is very uncomfortable after a while and that is just from the furniture. It is even worse when it’s elbow to elbow. For electrical exam prep programs you will be in that seat for a while. Being comfortable is important to stay focused on what’s being taught. Webinars let you sit in the comfort of your own home. Again, webinars win hands down.


Seminars are rarely convenient. You have to travel to them, attend when they’re offered, and adjust your life around their schedule. Not to mention if something comes up and you can’t make it, you lose your money too. You guessed it. With webinars like the ones we give, they’re offered regularly so you can come when you want. Our classes are given at various times, you don’t have to travel, and you never lose out when there is an emergency and you can’t make it. Accessing our webinars is simple too. There are Apple iOS and Android applications you can use to attend too if any of your devices use those platforms.

Those are the major points to think about. I could go on for days with the benefits to webinars. The advantages are endless. I can’t figure out why anyone still attends traditional seminars. Maybe just to get out of the house.