Service Entrance Drops…Overhead or Underground

Underground service entrance feeds are fed, like their names imply, underground. Instead of overhead aerial cable feeding an overhead service conduit, an underground service is fed by underground, direct burial cable. This method has become the choice of many, replacing the unsightly overhead feeds. Like its overhead feed, the underground feeder wire has three conductors. It too has two hot wires and a neutral wire. The feeder wire is attached to the transformer and is fed through a conduit or PVC conduit sleeve attached to the utility company’s power pole. The conduit should extend below the ground so the cables cannot be damaged. The underground feed should be trenched at least 4’ underground. These cables run to the area where the meter is attached to the home. The meter will have conduit extending from the meter into and below the ground. The feeder wires ill again be protected by the conduit from damage that could occur from things like mowers and weed trimmers. Since there in no overhead wires, there is no overhead wire danger with this installation.