Simple and Cheap Ways To Brighten Your Home Interior

People have always been very picky when it comes to their home interior decorating. Every part of the home is important and deserves an equal degree of attention. How then can the light switches be ignored? Unassuming as they may seem to be, the light switches are very important parts of the home. They are very much the focus of attention especially when there are events in your home and people are observing the surroundings. But the good news is that there are tons of beautiful light switches available on the market. Catalogs are available on them, and you can be as daring or as subtle with them as you want. No longer do you need to dump your switchboards behind your cupboards, with the available designs today you will want to flaunt your light switches right out up front.


The vast variety of light bulbs and accessories that have entered the market has rubbed off on to light switches as well. This is the reason why people are replacing their dull looking light switches with ritzy modern designs. Redecorating interiors can be a very tedious job and you must be wondering how changing these tiny light switches is going to improve the look of your interior. Imagine you are wearing brand new apparel, carefully selected from among the best in the store. However, if your socks are the same old ones, then they are sure to make you look unattractive or incomplete. If you are investing heavily in getting some of the best light fixtures for your home, you should invest a bit of money and thought into the light switches also.

Switch Plates

One way to go about your selection is to choose the light switch plates that house several switches within a room. You can select from a wide range of light switch plates that will go along with the other arrangements within your home. It is not difficult to match light switch plates with the interior decorations of your house as there are thousands of options available to choose from. These already have the grooves where the switches ought to go.

Replacing a Light Switch

Light fixtures have two wires that are twisted over each other. You must untwist these wires so that the two of them lies flat on your palm. Then taking a sharp penknife or a blade, unsheathe the insulation on these two wires. About half an inch of exposed copper is sufficient. Now have ready your new light switch. These will have two tiny metal contacts where the wires ought to go. They will be packed with small screws, unscrew these. In the gaps formed, thrust the wires and then screw them tight again. You have to take care that the two uninsulated parts of the wires do not make contact in any way. That’s all that is required in replacing light switches.

Fun in Selection

But the fun is in the selection. If your furniture is white in color and wall has cool color then you can go for a light switch made from plastic. Or if your living room space has a stylish look and furniture is antique then hand rubbed finish copper light switch will be perfect for you. It will be entirely your choice which light switch will look nice in your home. If you have kids in your house then you can choose light switch plates which have decorations on them. Kids too feel attracted and fascinated to look at them.


There are lots of materials from which these light switches are made along with plastic and copper there is wood, metal, ceramic, glass, acrylic, and chinaware. And they are available in many colors and finish. You can choose according to your personality and interiors of your house. If you are worried where you will get the choices available in making a perfect selection for replacing light switches then don’t worry just put your computer on and browse all online stores on the Internet. Here you can compare the prices with other shops and see their quality as well and so without actually stepping out of your home you can replace your old light switch.

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