Temporary Generator Installation


When Hurricane Sandy hit the Northeast many were without power. We were called upon to hook up 2,000 KW Generators. They needed to get stores reopened so people could get emergency supplies. Things such as; food, water, flashlights, gas cans, and portable generators. This particular installation was done in New Jersey. The image above shows the full trailer size generator that ran the store. It delivered utility grade power and only needed 11% of what is was capable of delivering.


The existing 1600 amp service had to be disconnected temporarily because there was no transfer equipment on site. This was only the case at existing buildings that were moved into. Buildings built by the chain were equipped with transfer equipment. Prior to switching over the power company disconnected their service at the pole. This was to ensure safety when normal power was restored.


To keep the fire doors closed a hole had to be cut out of the block wall. On the other side of the wall was the switch gear. The utility’s lines were disconnected and we tied in at the same point. These holes were later covered with access doors for future use if needed.


The temporary cables that ran from the generator were placed on pallets to avoid some angle iron that was cutoff near the transformer pad. The store was on generator power for around 10 days and everything went smoothly considering the circumstances. We supervised the generator continually over the whole time it was onsite. It was a rewarding experience to be able to help so many who were devastated by the storm.

All of these jobs were done by 2 man crews and required a Master Electrician on each team. It became evident during this crisis that there is a shortage of electricians everywhere. Crews were brought in from all over just to meet the demand.

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