Today was a Great Day at Advance

First and most importantly we would like to congratulate Juvens Joseph on passing his Master Electrician’s examination. Today, Juvens stopped in and dropped off his official pass letter and we are proud to add him to our long list of Masters trained by Advance. Everytime we receive one it really sinks in the fact that we are helping people achieve their goals. There is not a greater reward than the feeling you get when you help others. Good Luck Juvens! We hope to see your name on some trucks in the future.

We also want to say that today’s launch of our online classes was a huge success. All attendees of todays class felt that not only did they not lose anything from the classroom experience, but felt there were many advantages.

It gets even better, we will soon be announcing several new training areas that will be available through our online platform. We don’t want to give up too much information yet, but some will go beyond electrical. Stay tuned…