Top Seven Ways to Improve Your Home's Value

With the high cost of electricity and the ever increasing cost of consumer products, finding new ways to leave a little change in your pocket is becoming a new fad. Going green by purchasing Energy Star® rated appliances is one way. These appliances are specifically designed to save energy and resources.

The average home in America today uses $1,300 – $1,900 in energy costs a year. By simply switching to Energy Star® rated appliances, you’ll save on average 30% and put $400 – $600 back into your wallet.

Energy Star® appliances use 10 – 50% less water and energy than standard models. In fact, for every federal dollar spent on the Energy Star® program, a $60 savings in energy goes to the homeowner.

Although the Energy star® models are a little more expensive initially, the savings of water, sewer and utility bills will more than make up the difference over a period of time.