Storms Devastate West Coast | Triple Threat of Storms

November 19th, 2012 started the triple-threat of storms that are pummeling the West Coast. One storm has already hit, leaving the west in a state of emergency. Everything from wind to rain to snow to ice storms to mudslides to avalanches is either happening or a real possibility.

One storms has already reeked havoc on the West Coast and two more are ready to come ashore. The first storm has already produced heavy rains and flooding, 7.9′ of rain in one area, Portland reported 3-4′ of rain, 114 MPH winds in the higher elevations, downed power lines everywhere, mudslides are possible if not likely, and Washington state is bracing for 100′ of snow, that will likely mean avalanches in their future.

The second storm is expected to hit today, adding to the massive destruction in the areas already effected and some not yet hit. These storms can pack a fierce punch and come without warning. Many dangers are associated with these storms both during and after the storm hits. Your best defense is to be prepared and get out of harm’s way if at all possible. A lessen should have been learned from the East Coast’s Hurricane Sandy and her devastation.

It seems only a short time ago I posted the East Coast warnings, but here we go again on the opposite coast. With the use of satellite images and data tracking, forecasters have the unique power to predict storm impact, wind speeds, rainfall amounts, snowfall amounts, and the areas in the path of almost any storm. All we have to do is either be ready for the powerful storms or get out of their way until they pass. Let’s look at what you can do in advance and following these hard-hitting storms.

Keep in mind, you’ll likely need generators to provide power during the duration of these storms to keep the power on. You need to be ready when the lights go out. There are many dangers in running these generators and one is trying to keep it out of the rain by placing it inside an attached garage. However, the exhaust fumes can slide into the home and actually kill you and your family. Please follow my article full of generator do’s and don’ts!

You can install lightning rods on your home to protect the home from lightning strikes that can cause house fires. Protecting your sleeping family will let you rest easy.

Please don’t be in a hurry to return to flooded homes. Wait until the waters recede before returning, but be very careful about downed power lines in your path. Don’t become a statistic! Here now are the embedded links within the article to better aid you in researching vital information you’ll need for this series of storms. I pray they will help you and save lives!


Latest Developments

Portland to San Francisco can expect 2-4 more inches of rain from the upcoming storms. After two days of getting battered by the first storm, there are days of storm effects to follow by the next two storms that have lined up to batter the West Coast once again.


After the East Coast took a pounding from Hurricane Sandy, now the West coast gets their turn. Get ready or get out of these storm’s way! High winds, flooding, downed power lines, power outages, heavy snows, avalanches, and mudslides are all possible.