What Is Surface-Mounted Wiring?

When you need to extend a circuit and cutting in boxes just isn’t an option, surface-mounted wiring may be the answer. How about adding a ceiling light in a room without cutting into the wall? Surface-mounted boxes and wiremold save you from cutting into walls in order to add a circuit. By using an extension box over an existing box, you can extend a circuit down a wall.

Surface-mounted wiring runs on the outside of a wall instead of through the wall studs. By implementing this method, there’s no need to open the wall up to expose the studs. Using wiremold to connect the two boxes conceals the wiring and protects it. Wiremold comes in either a plastic or metal form and varies in depth and thickness, depending on the installation.

Wire is fed from box to box through the wiremold raceway that protects it. Wiremold fittings are used to make inside and outside corners, left- and right-hand turns, and also splices between the sections of wiremold for long runs.

Surface-mounted parts and raceway come in metal and plastic, with metal being more durable than the plastic, but plastic being easier to cut and work with. Both types are paintable and offer wiring options that may not be available without their use. So if you’re in a pinch and need to add a circuit, light, switch or outlet adn don’t want to tear into the walls, surface-mounted wiring may be for you!

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