What Is Track Lighting

Track lighting is a great option when you want to add lighting to a room from a single location, but to have the option of customizing the amount of lights to be added. This accent lighting option gives you the ability to add as many individual light fixture lamps as needed. It is quite simple to install and remove these lamps. They simply twist and snap into the track in which they lock to secure them into place.

Track lighting kits come complete with a mounting plate, a track, a mounting housing cover plte and the individual lighting fixtures. The mounting plate has a wiring hub that connects the power to the track. It is wired into the existing wiring. Mount the plate and lay out the track for mounting. Mark the holes and use the mounting screw to attach the track to the ceiling. Once the track is mounted, install te cover plate and install the lights along the track wherever the accent lighting is needed.

To install track lighting, turn off the power to the circuit that you’ll be working on in the circuit breaker panel or fuse box. Once you have the circuit off, you can remove the old ceiling fixture and check the wiring to be sure it is off with a voltage meter or a non-contact tester.

Next, hold the track lighting bar up on the ceiling and mark the general direction in which you want it to point. Wire and mount the wiring mounting plate to the junction box. The plate will be secured with 8-32 screws. Be sure to ground the plate.

The track is now added to the plate and it is attached to both the plate and the ceiling with toggle bolts, plastic anchors, or wood screws. Some track lighting will be a straight run, while other will require that you install “T’s” or corners to accommodate your lighting needs.

Light fixtures are then added by inserting them into the track slot and turning them 90º until they snap into place on the track. Once turned, simply lock them into position so they cannot fall out of the track. You can then turn the light fixture itself to direct the task lighting to the area you want to highlight in your room.

To test, simply turn the power back on and turn on the switch that controls the light. If it lights, you have a successful installation. Check the manufacturers recommendation for the maximum wattage allowed on a circuit and the maximum number of lights allowed per track lighting project. Each socket of each light will tell the maximum wattage of bulb that can be used. For safety sake, never put a larger wattage bulb in a lamp socket that is recommended! This is just asking for trouble and an electrical fire could be the result.