Wouldn’t you rather know you are going to pass?

Are you preparing to take your electrical license exam or inspector’s certification? Would you consider taking it, if you were guaranteed to pass in a short amount of time, regardless of your current career level?

The failure rates on these exams are high, and why? When properly prepared they are relatively simple exams and not to mention open book. It really is simple, the NEC itself clearly makes evident the necessity for training in Article 90.1(C).

“This Code is not intended as a design specification or an instruction manual for untrained persons”.

So, get the training. With Advance Electrical Training you can get just what you need fast. We offer expert training that is extremely efficient and proven effective. Did I forget to mention flexible? You’re not locked in to any set schedule, you can jump in your class whenever it is offered and convenient for you.

Check out our class schedule and store for more information and to get started.

For those choosing to go elsewhere, please just make sure your instructor is competent and the material is relevant to your need. In this field, a little knowledge is dangerous and potentially fatal. There are too many water downed programs putting people out in the field and in harm’s way. We will gladly help you find an expert in your area if you prefer.

At Advance Electrical Training you get more because we care about our students and our industry.


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