Advance Electrical Training

Wiring in Ducts and Environmental Air Space

Brian Spaziani | June 26, 2013

This article focuses on permitted wiring methods in environmental air spaces. More specifically, areas above suspended/drop ceilings used for environmental air. Mainly because no wiring of any kind is permitted for ducts for dust, loose stock, or flammable vapors. Even…..

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Neutral Conductor Sizing & Calculations

Brian Spaziani | January 28, 2013

Neutral Conductor Size Requirements The neutral conductor is not required to be larger than the largest (hot) phase conductor. There are situations where doing so should be considered. Specifically 4 wire wye connected systems consisting┬áprimarily of nonlinear loads. When reducing…..

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Electrical Practice Exams | Instructor Guided

Brian Spaziani | January 25, 2013

Today we piloted a new service. It clearly added to our exam prep program. The feedback was very positive from the participants. Doing electrical practice exams in class as a group that’s guided by the instructor added more benefits to…..

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Replacing Non-Grounding Type Receptacles

Brian Spaziani | January 22, 2013

Many of today’s electrical and electronic devices are equipped with plugs that have 3 prongs. They’re intended for use with 3 prong grounding type receptacles. People having older electrical systems without an equipment grounding conductor only have the 2 prong…..

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Temporary Generator Installation

Brian Spaziani | January 21, 2013

When Hurricane Sandy hit the Northeast many were without power. We were called upon to hook up 2,000 KW Generators. They needed to get stores reopened so people could get emergency supplies. Things such as; food, water, flashlights, gas cans,…..

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Aluminum Conductors for Branch Circuit Wiring

Brian Spaziani | January 20, 2013

There is a lot of hearsay and rules of thumb in respect to electrical wiring requirements. I regularly direct others to reference the actual rule not assume there is one. A question came up about the use of aluminum conductors…..

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5 Things To Look Out for When Choosing an Electrician Training Program

Brian Spaziani | January 16, 2013

Finding a good electrician training program is difficult. Especially one that will truly jump-start your career towards becoming an electrician. Programs with any real value are few and far between. That is if you are looking to become an actual…..

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Electrical License Exams and Requirements

Brian Spaziani | January 11, 2013

The Application Process Getting a Master Electrician’s License takes a high level of commitment. Just figuring out where to start can seem elusive. You get a different answer from everyone you ask. This can even happen when contacting the licensing…..

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