Wiring in Ducts and Environmental Air Space

This article focuses on permitted wiring methods in environmental air spaces. More specifically, areas above suspended/drop ceilings used for environmental air. Mainly because no wiring of any kind is permitted for ducts for dust, loose stock, or flammable vapors. Even…..

Tools for Success

Brian Spaziani | January 10, 2013

There’s no question that having the right tools for the job is safer, more efficient, and will result in higher quality work. A craftsman’s tools are an investment not an expense. You should base all of your tool purchasing decisions…..

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Continuous Loads | 125% Decoded

Brian Spaziani | January 8, 2013

Continuous loads are another topic that many “experts” seem to dance around in their articles that deal with them. They give you the same information you can get from the NEC itself. What good does that do? Maybe they believe…..

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Mounting Panelboards Horizontally

Brian Spaziani | January 8, 2013

The top row of circuit breakers in the photo above violates Article 240.81 of the 2011 NEC. They’re operated vertically so they must be “ON” in the up position. When is mounting panelboards horizontally acceptable? To answer the question directly, it…..

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New Google Community for Electricians

Brian Spaziani | January 6, 2013

We have recently added a new way to connect with us to share information and resources. We've added a Google community for electricians which is a new feature on their Google+ platform. This community is an organized, functional, and easy…..

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Determining the Minimum Size Conductor

Brian Spaziani | January 5, 2013

When determining the minimum size conductor for an installation, the temperature rating of everything involved in the circuit must be taken into account. This includes the conductor’s insulation, terminations, and devices. The lowest associated temperature is then used for the…..

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Road Map for Navigating the National Electrical Code

Brian Spaziani | January 4, 2013

Article 90 – Introduction Properly placed at the beginning of the National Electrical Code, Article 90 is essential to correctly applying its requirements. The first thing it covers is the purpose of the code. Generally speaking this deals with safeguarding…..

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Employer Discount Program

Brian Spaziani | January 2, 2013

This is a great new service we’re offering to employers nationwide. Now they can offer training benefits to their employees and add value to their company. With the basic discount level being free, there isn’t a reason for employers not…..

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New & Enhanced Services in 2013 at Advance

Brian Spaziani | January 1, 2013

We’re always adding new services in our quest to become the #1 online resource site for electrical professionals such as; electricians, contractors, and inspectors. We’re excited about all the new additions that’ll be rolled out in 2013. We’ve also enhanced many…..

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