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Chapter/Division Development Toolbox (Google Group) [Currently under development]

If you are a chapter secretary or membership chair, access the IAEI Development Toolbox to find presentations, logos, and other files essential to managing chapter activities.

Link: IAEI Development Toolbox

Registration Note: You will have to apply to be a member of the Google Group; once we have verified your current IAEI officer status, we will approve your access to the group. Quick steps:

    • Click on “Sign in and apply for membership”
    • If you have a current gmail account, sign in using your regular account (make sure to use your real name when applying).
      • If you do not have a gmail account, and wish to your pre-existing email, you can do so.  If you don’t have a Google Account, you can create one now. By using this link, you can simply use your existing email address (for example, to create a Google account (separate from a gmail account). 
    • Once you have signed in, it will ask you how to read the group (how often you wish to receive email).
      • For the “Nickname,” be sure to provide your real name to show to the group.
      • In the “Additional Information” box, please provide your full name, section/chapter/division, and your IAEI membership ID number for faster access to the forum.
    • Once you have been approved by the moderator, you will receive notification and the ability to quickly access the group.