How can IAEI help your career?

Becoming a member is easy, making a commitment to electrical safety is essential!

IAEI offers many benefits and services to help members achieve their professional and personal goals. Among them are (1) seminars, (2) continuing education units, (3) publications, (4) training materials, (5) expert instructors, (6) certification, (7) IAEI magazine, (8) local meetings, (9) code panel discussions, (10) professional networking, (11) annual section meetings, (12) active website, (13) social media forums, and (14) excellent customer service. IAEI wants you to suceed and to ensure electrical safety.

Here are seven areas in which IAEI can help you succeed in the electrical industry. Under each area,  a “Success Guide” outlines actions you can take to ensure that success.

1.  On Code Issues

Your voice is vitally important. If you do not speak for your community, who will?

Success Guide:

  1. Identify the problem.
  2. Organize your facts and recommendations.
  3. Write your proposal or comments, following the instructions in the back of the current Code book.
  4. Submit to IAEI section by July 1 in the year before the code panel meetings so that it can be submitted to IAEI international office by September 1st that same year.

2.  In Current Forums

Hot or controversial topics spring up frequently, topics that need your input because they affect your community, your work, and electrical safety. If you do not speak up in forums, how can you effect a change?

Success Guide:

  1. Stay abreast of the latest developments by reading IAEI News,, and IAEI on Facebook and LinkedIn.
  2. Organize your facts and recommendations.
  3. Post your observations or research in the discussion groups on, and at IAEI on Facebook and LinkedIn.
  4. Write an article expressing your views for IAEI News.
  5. Become known as a wise, thoughtful and fair inspector.

3.  As a Leading Authority

By virtue of your position, you are the authority. Show yourself as a leader by continuously enlarging your professional credentials and discovering new technologies. Consider publishing; it is recognized as one of the most effective ways of becoming known as a leader.

Success Guide:

  1. Learn the latest and best practices.
  2. Get practical advice from those with more experience than your own.
  3. Meet every challenge you face with new solutions.
  4. Write a white paper about your research or experiences and submit for posting on
  5. Write an article to be published.

4.  In the Industry

No career advances far beyond your connections. IAEI offers you the opportunity of making contacts and networking throughout the world. Why limit yourself to one jurisdiction?

Success Guide:

  1. Attend as many chapter and division meetings as possible.
  2. Make it a point to get to know active members.
  3. Attend your own Section meeting each year and make new contacts.
  4. Attend at least one other Section meeting each year. Before long, you will have extended your contacts immensely.
  5. Become active on IAEI social media:  LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.
  6. Be in constant contact with your expanding network.

5.  In Career Advancement

Cardiologists often tell their patients that the only way to build a strong heart is to become active. The same advice applies to your career; become active by keeping abreast of the latest trends and codes. These actions will keep you ahead of the field.

Success Guide:

  1. Actively participate in educational seminars on the local or international level.
  2. Express yourself — take part in surveys, post your thoughts on IAEI at LinkedIn, IAEI at Facebook and IAEI at Twitter.
  3. We want your opinions; rate products and services online at
  4. Deliberately read each issue of IAEI News. Studies show that if you spend one hour each day reading in your vocation, you will become the expert in a short period of time.
  5. Request the materials that you need. Who knows, you may be the catalyst for a new book, article, or newsletter.
  6. If you are qualified, volunteer to teach in your area of expertise. Start at the local level and aspire to the international arena.

6.  As Part of  the Safety Process

Your job is to ensure that electricity is used safely everywhere. As a member of IAEI, you can extend the reach of safety.

Success Guide:

  1. Be thorough in your inspections.
  2. Insist that all work be performed according to the codes.
  3. Volunteer in your community to explain electrical safety in every forum you can find — schools, civic organizations, municipal meetings, church groups, etc.

7.  As Part of IAEI

As a member, we welcome you to contribute your expertise.

Success Guide:

  1. At educational events
  2. In decision-making committees
  3. In Code-panel discussions
  4. In networking with other inspectors
  5. In mentoring others

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