Is there anything new in wind turbine certifications?


Is there anything new in wind turbine certifications?


Yes, recently UL has created two new wind turbine certification product categories, Wind Turbine Drive-train Systems and Equipment (ZGDT) and Wind Turbine Tower Assemblies (ZGTA) both of these categories can be found in a list of Wind Power Systems product categories located on page 34 in the 2012 UL White Book.

These categories cover wind turbine drive-train systems and equipment as well as wind turbine tower assemblies investigated with respect to risk of electric shock and fire. These assemblies are intended to be coordinated with a separate mechanical and structural investigation of the wind turbine generating system in accordance with standards such as IEC 61400-1, “Wind Turbine Generating Systems,” or “Guideline for the Certification of Wind Turbines” (published by Germanischer Lloyd WindEnergie GmbH).

The Guide Information and any certifications for these categories can also be viewed on UL’s Online Certification Directory at and entering either ZGDT or ZGTA at the category code search field.

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