Policy Documents

IAEI Policy for Taking Public Positions

Adopted by the International Board of Directors
November 8, 2003

IAEI recognizes that the diversity of our members around the world will put them into many situations where they will speak or take a stand publicly. There are great concerns by members regarding licensing of electricians, certification of inspectors, adoption of codes, and legislative activities that directly affect their lives and livelihood. The concern of the International Board of Directors is that when voicing their opinion, the individual, or in some cases a group, could be or is taken as officially representing the position of IAEI.

It is recommended that the areas in which IAEI would take an official position should be limited to those directly affecting electrical safety, electrical education, and the certification of individuals involved in the electrical industry.

An example would include official proposals and comments made to various codes and standards making organizations. This is already set into a process through various means.

Another example may be the controversy regarding code adoption and which codes might be adopted. As long as the code process is consensus-based where all interested parties are able to have adequate input and there is public review, IAEI would take a neutral position.

The International Association of Electrical Inspectors is a professional organization from all aspects of the electrical industry dedicated to providing a forum for members to discuss, learn and participate in the electrical industry and to promote electrical safety and education. To that end, members are encouraged to be active with their local IAEI divisions, chapters and the section. In addition, members are encouraged to promote membership in the IAEI to further the above goals.

The Board of Directors of IAEI has determined that in many instances, IAEI must remain neutral on some issues. Furthermore, any official positions of IAEI will come from the International Office after review and determination. In the event a member, or group of members, speaks to any group, be it legislative, standards making, regulatory, or a similar type body the member may state that he or she is a member of the IAEI but also must clearly state that any statements made are his or her own and do not represent an official position for IAEI.

If a member or a group of members believe an official position is required, then the following procedure is to be followed. The situation is to be clearly documented and indicated why this is an issue for IAEI as a whole, and how it relates to electrical safety or education. Along with the statement of the issue, the position the individual or group believes IAEI should take is to be clearly stated and provide any available supporting documentation he or she has available and also provide a brief summary of the alternative positions being taken and who is taking them. The above shall be provided in writing to IAEI’s CEO/Executive Director and submitted in a timely manner so as to allow for review(s) and a response. The CEO/Executive Director will review the submittal and either make a determination himself or in consultation with one or more members of the International Board. The official position taken will be returned to the submitter in writing and published for future reference.

IAEI encourages any industry group to establish professional standards and a form of recognition of professionals by their respective industry. Since IAEI is focused on the electrical industry, IAEI has a policy not to provide any endorsement of an organization that certifies individuals except those involved with individuals employed in the installation and inspection of electrical installations.