Wiring in Ducts and Environmental Air Space

Brian Spaziani | June 26, 2013

This article focuses on permitted wiring methods in environmental air spaces. More specifically, areas above suspended/drop ceilings used for environmental air. Mainly because no wiring of any kind is permitted for ducts for dust, loose stock, or flammable vapors. Even…..

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Temporary Generator Installation

Brian Spaziani | January 21, 2013

When Hurricane Sandy hit the Northeast many were without power. We were called upon to hook up 2,000 KW Generators. They needed to get stores reopened so people could get emergency supplies. Things such as; food, water, flashlights, gas cans,…..

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Aluminum Conductors for Branch Circuit Wiring

Brian Spaziani | January 20, 2013

There is a lot of hearsay and rules of thumb in respect to electrical wiring requirements. I regularly direct others to reference the actual rule not assume there is one. A question came up about the use of aluminum conductors…..

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Electrical Estimating Basics | Break Even Costs

Brian Spaziani | December 27, 2012

The two main goals in electrical estimating are winning jobs and making money. To be successful at estimating you must do both. How you get those results doesn’t really matter. Winning jobs that lose a company money never makes sense……

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Alert | Disaster Response Network | ICC

Brian Spaziani | November 9, 2012

Event name: Hurricane Sandy Requesting Jurisdiction:  State of New Jersey Department of Community Affairs Mission Description: As a result of Hurricane Sandy, the State of New Jersey Department of Community Affairs may be looking for temporary part-time building and electrical inspectors…..

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IAEI Welcomes New Education, Codes and Standards Coordinator

Brian Spaziani | October 30, 2012

Richardson, TX — CEO Dave Clements announced recently that IAEI has added Joseph Wages, Jr., as codes and standards coordinator in the Education Department. In this role, Mr. Wages’ primary responsibility is overseeing the day-to-day operations of IAEI’s seminar activities, which…..

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Join Solar 3.0 in San Francisco for Free Training to Reduce Solar Soft Costs

Brian Spaziani | October 29, 2012

Friday, November 16, 2012 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (PT) Pacific Energy Center 851 Howard St. San Francisco, CA 94103 Click Here to Register: http://solar30insanfran.eventbrite.com/ If you work for a city, utility, company, or organization involved in permitting, interconnecting, selling, installing, inspecting,…..

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Suspension of Standard UL 2196

Brian Spaziani | September 25, 2012

UL Public Notice for a Suspension of Standard UL 2196 that impacts some fire resistive electrical cables and systems UL recently posted a Public Notice for a suspension of standard UL 2196 that impacts some fire resistive electrical cables and…..

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